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Marketing mix

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Baby Pampers

Choose a product or service with which you are familiar. Describe the product or service.
In your own words, describe why and/or how each of the 4-P's impact the product or service when marketing it.
Address and/or list any ethical or social responsibilities you may have to consider in the marketing mix.
Explain why consumers may want or need the product or service.

- Price
- Product
- Promotion
- Place

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This solution provides an explanation of a product and how the 4-P's impact the product.

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Hello. I provide the following to assist you.

In reference to Baby Pampers, :) (I have a little experience in this, I just had a baby 6 months ago)

When marketing baby pampers, the 4-P's impact the product when marketing it as follows:

Price: Price points for pampers are extremely important. When you market a pamper, you must do some research as to what other competitors are charging. Many pampers are similarly priced. Therefore, ...

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