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Strategy and Business Analysis

Final Payment

James received a request for final payment from a contractor. The contractor has provided the DD Form 250s signifying the government acceptance of the required supplies or services. James verified the internal reports, determinations, and the terms and conditions of the contract, and then contacted the contractor to schedule a t

Risk Assessment, CERT, & Privacy

Need help with discussion questions regarding risk assessment. 1. Using the Internet, search for information on the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT/CC) and the Computer Security Division of NIST. What role do you envision for them in the development of better information systems security in the future? Do either of th

Information Classification

What is information classification, and why should organizations classify their information? At least 250 words and a reference.

Johnson's Algorithm for Optimal Scheduling: Production Line

A production line consists of two main workstations: an assembly workstation and a packaging workstation. The processing times for 11 jobs (in minutes) that must be processed on these two workstations are given below. There is plenty of space in between the workstations such that blocking does not occur. Find the optimal job seq

The Improvements of Decision Making

When you arrive at work, Mr. Myers (your manager) informs you that the board of directors wishes to meet with you. Not knowing what the meeting could be about, you prepare yourself for the worst. At the meeting, the board tells to you that you have passed all the assignments leading up to the promotion, and you will be promoted

Domestic Firms and Risks

Discuss ways a domestic firm could be exposed to foreign exchange risk and foreign political risk. For example, domestic companies often compete against imports. When the foreign currency depreciates against the USD, those imports will command lower USD prices, which boosts their sales domestically and hurts the US manufacturer.

Wal-Mart and Business Strategy

Discuss the standout features of Wal-Mart's approaches to managing operations. Discuss the attributes you find impressive about Wal-Mart's policies and procedures, and use of best practices. Discuss how Wal-Mart's emphasize continuous improvement and the use of rewards and incentives. - Assess how the constant bashing of

Discussing the Operating Capacity of a Process

Question: In order to produce more than the operating capacity of a process, you would have to perform activities in parallel, change the sequence of operations, or reduce interruptions. Do you agree or disagree? Defend your position.

Discussing Logical Design: Normalization of Databases

The figure in the attached document illustrates the relationship between Data Modeling and the systems development life cycle. In Logical Design, there is a process called normalization. Please describe what this is in your own words.

Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances can take many forms. What are they? What are the pros and cons of each form of strategic alliance?

Apple vs. Google

I need help with following question.... Please help with the two companies of "Apple and Google" for the below question: Assess the financial position of your company in comparison to one of its competitors. The emphasis is on cash flow for this analysis? Please explain clearly how you retrieve the amounts ($$$ figures

Security Program

Describe measures which can be taken to increasing employee participation in an organization's information security program.

The Process of Conceptual Data Modeling

Conceptual Modeling looks at how the data is structured and what the characteristics of the data are. What characteristics of data are represented in an E-R diagram?

Volatility of Demand and Delivery Service Systems

Assume that the volatility of demand on your service delivery system is much higher than that on your manufacturing production system. Your management has indicated that the anticipated inventory storage will smooth the demand in manufacturing, so this will not be a problem. Do you agree or disagree with management? Defend yo

Risk Management: BUYU

BUYU Manufacturing has been contracted to provide SAEL Electronics with printed circuit and motherboards (PC) boards under the following terms: 1. 100,000 PC boards will be delivered to SAEL in one month. 2. In 3 months, SAEL has an option to take the delivery of an additional 100,000 boards by giving BUYU a 30-day notice. 3

Capacity Planning and Queuing Models

On average, 4 customers per hour use the public telephone in the sheriff's detention area, and this use has a Poisson distribution. The length of a phone call varies according to a negative exponential distribution, with a mean of 5 minutes. The sheriff will install a second telephone booth when an arrival can expect to wait 3

Basic Critical Thinking

Question: Who's American? How did you develop this concept of being an American? If you or your parents were born in another country, how would you define the national identity of that country? (For example, what does it mean to be Dominican or Chinese?).

Product Components for Adaptation

What are the three major components of a product and what is their importance to product adaptation? Name an American product that has been changed physically to sell in foreign markets and explain the process and the reason. Name an American product that has been changed culturally to sell in foreign markets and explain

Your Ideal Organization

What kind of organization would you like to work for? What would be the best? What would be the most realistic? Think about and discuss its structure, physical environment, lines of communication, treatment of employees, recruitment and promotion practices, policies towards the community and so on. Consider also what y

iPhone - Pricing Strategy and Distribution Channels

I'm working on a project about the iPhone. Please help me with the following: 1) Evaluate the pricing strategy of the product (iPhone). 2) Identify and evaluate the distribution channels employed to distribute the product in question (iPhone). What types of channels are used? List all the channel members and describe their f

Negotiation Strategy and Plan

The organization will focus on developing a sophisticated online web portal infrastructure to support and improve quality service nationally. The progress will be monitor through submission of data, information sharing and monitoring quality improvement enterprises. The main objective of the team members is the designing the org

Hofstede's Value Dimensions

Hofstede's Value Dimensions Please help comparing and contrasting how Hofstede's value dimensions relate to behaviors of managers in the following three countries. Japan, Germany and the United States In the report, these should be analyzed: - Hofstede's Value Dimensions tool. - Relationship between behaviors of managers

Syndication of Information

What is syndication of information? List the types of syndication and explain briefly how syndication and explain briefly how syndication of information helps in the new-economy.