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    Kant's Categorical Imperatives and the Adelphia Communications Scandal

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    Explain how Kant's Categorical Imperatives apply to the two key ethical problems found in the Adelphia Communications scandal?

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    According to Kant's categorical imperative, there is an absolute, unconditional requirement that exerts its authority in all circumstances. The fulfillment of this requirement is an end in itself. This is an ethical law that is unconditional for all agents. The claim of this law does not depend on the end or any ulterior motive. According to Kant 'Act according to the maxim that you would wish all other rational people to follow, as if it were a universal law'. Kant advocated perfect duty that one is obliged to do all of the time. ...

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    Inflation of earnings by Adelphia is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes two references used.