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Morality: Kant vs. Nietzsche

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Kant versus Nietzsche reasoning on morality,
main views
how each one of them would react to a woman that stole a loaf of bread for the family - how Kant and Niesche would judge the woman

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Dear Student,
<br>Although both Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Nietzsche did most of their works on morality, they differ in that Kant's works revolved around a moral value criterion, whereas Nietzsche focused on actual moral values.
<br>In Nietzsche's point of view, a person should live his life for the sake of living it, not because of any perception of anticipated afterlife, because Nietzsche did not believe in an afterlife. In fact, Nietzsche believed in life and the power of man over others. When one chooses to reject old values, or the concepts of the "greats" for the creation of new values, he is following the time-honoured ideals of Nietzsche. Nietzsche philosophized concerning opposing psychological capacities that exist in everyone. In his opinion, those capacities are the great forces that may be balanced so that people are able to live correctly. By living correctly, in Nietzsche's opinion, one may have a full life. To him, this was very important. In his way of thinking, for example, morality is a matter of reason and conscience. It is not a matter of religious faith. In fact, he did not have religious faith. Religion did not even exist, as far as Nietzsche was concerned. This fact and opinion are quite objectionable to those who are religious. To those that are not ...

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