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Risk Assessment, CERT, & Privacy

Need help with discussion questions regarding risk assessment.

1. Using the Internet, search for information on the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT/CC) and the Computer Security Division of NIST. What role do you envision for them in the development of better information systems security in the future? Do either of them seem to be organizations you might want to work for? Are they hiring?

2. Look online for tips and articles on protecting your privacy and preventing identify theft. Make a list of guidelines based on your findings. Why is privacy more important now than ever? As a manager, what basic steps should you take to protect the privacy of your employees and customers?

3. What is a risk assessment? What is the concept of reasonable assurance as it applies to the implementation of computer security measures?

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Both the computer emergency response team and the computer security division of NIST have a tremendous role in the development of better information systems security, in the present and into the future. The computer emergency response team has the role of proactively analyzing the potential threats to computer security in the form of malware, worms, viruses, etc., and developing a methodology by which to effectively detect and rectify any computer security compromising activities. The computer emergency response team has been very important role of developing increasingly advanced measures by which to eliminate viruses etc. ...