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Strategy and Business Analysis

Non-Profit Organizations and Fundraising Efforts

Describe how non-profit organizations, (including church groups, civic groups, youth sports organizations) can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser. Offer proposals for a) maximizing the sales of their raffle tickets b) prizes that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales c) suggeste

Industry profit pools

Determining profit pools in green home building and high-design manufactured home industry

Strategic Programs for Product Quality Enhancement

It has been shown that offering higher quality products in foreign markets can be beneficial to the organization and ensure success. There are many reasons that this is a common strategy of organizations that are entering foreign markets. How exactly does a strategic program towards product quality enhancement impact success i

Manufacturing location strategy

By 2012, India is expected to export half a million vehicles a year. South Korea's Hyundai is leading the charge, exporting over one third of its Indian production. Suzuki and Nissan have both entered the Indian market more recently. Both Hyundai and Nissan made their investments in the southern Indian city, Chennai. What is

Perfect Competition in the Market for Hotel Rooms

Suppose perfect competition prevails in the market for hotel rooms. The current market equilibrium price of a standard hotel room is $100 per night. Show that the current market equilibrium is efficient, assuming that both the marginal cost incurred by sellers and the marginal benefit perceived by buyers reflect all costs and be

Merging non-profit organizations

Some of the arguments for are that with merging, "weaker" nonprofit organizations can benefit from a stronger well run organization and thereby cut costs and provide more efficient services. Those who are opposed to mergers say that the specific missions of many smaller, or not as large, nonprofits can be lost when merging with

HR Strategic Challenges

List HR strategic challenges that are faced by modern organizations and explain how technology is impacting HR management practices and employees.

Whole Foods Market's Current Strategic Position

Whole Foods Market: The executives want us to provide an independent, objective view of Whole Foods Market's current strategic position, including full information of Whole Foods Market's mission, vision and values. They want to identify its current set of strategic goals, and a critical assessment of the competition and the co

Bicycle Business

You are the owner of a U.S.-based bicycle manufacturing business. You currently manufacture bicycles in Seattle. Market demand for bicycles is expected to double in the next five years. Your sales in the United States are currently 100 percent. However, you hope to expand your business within the next two years. You are currentl

Product Champions

Product champions are those individuals working within a corporation who bring entrepreneurial ideas forward, identify what kind of markets exists for the product or service, find resources to support the venture, and promote the venture concept to upper-management. True or False.

Storytellling, time, and evolution

Please assist in answering the following four questions after reading the attached article: 1. What is the main purpose of the article? 2. What key concepts guide the author(s)' reasoning? 3. What are the assumptions underlying the author(s)' reasoning? 4. What are the implications of the article's line of reasoning?

Anticipated Demand: Toy Box Inc.

Toy Box Inc. is contemplating expanding their sales of their children's toys. The have an opportunity to stock and sell the X toy that has been a big hit with children everywhere. They need to order the X toys from the manufacturer in a minimum order of 100 at a cost of $12 each. They could resell the X toy in their store for $

Economic Schools of Thought

1. If the economy experiences a recessionary gap, how does the new classical approach to macroeconomic policy (to eliminate the gap) differ from the Keynesian approach? Compare and contrast the classical and Keynesian views of aggregate demand and aggregate supply. 2. Explain one real-world event that supports the Classical

Value Drivers for Barnes and Noble

What at least five value drives for the company Barnes and Noble and what are some good recommendations for this company to increase their profits to stay in business?

Placement Strategy Plans, Promotion Strategy Plans for Doritos Locos Tacos

How can the Doritios Locos Taco by Taco Bell imporve the following: 1. Primary Target Market Placement Change Recommendations 2. Secondary Target Market Placement Change Recommendations 1. Primary Target Market Promotion Change Recommendations 2. Secondary Target Market Promotion Change Recommendations

Strategic option in the environmental assessment

The first major step in weighing an international strategic option is the environmental assessment. What are the five major environmental variables that focus on the future interest of the firm?

Temporary Team Dysfunction Modules

During this module we have addressed temporary teams. As you saw, there are some advantages to having teams that come together for a relatively short time span, and with a narrow and focused set of objectives and goals. Summarize these advantages. Think about what you learned in your readings and analyze how the five dysfunction

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1. BACKGROUND: Provide some Background on the Case itself 2. ANALYSIS: What are the major points in this case? What are the issues or problems or issues you have identified? 3. SOLUTIONS: What are methods that would address the issues/problems (you need to support this with some research). 4. CONCLUSION...A general wrap

Team development- Avoidance of accountability

According to the authors of the text avoidance of accountability is one of the major team dysfunctions. Especially in larger organizations, there exists a number of interrelated variables in relationship to any essential outcome. Therefore, there always appears to be an excuse or another person or group to blame for failure in r

Team development: Dysfunctions

Teams consistently face difficult challenges as they navigate their paths toward goal attainment. Sometimes these challenges are external, meaning economic or environmental factors put dramatic stress on a team, making the challenges much more difficult. At other times, these challenges are internal, as the team struggles to col

Interpreting bill of material (BOM) charts

1) Consider the bill of materials (BOM) in Figure 16.21, attached). a. How many immediate parents (one level above) does item I have? How many immediate parents does item E have? b. How many unique components does product A have at all levels? c. Which of the components are purchased items? d. How many intermediate items doe

Organisational Knowledge Creation Theory

Dear OTA, I need help with the following. See the following article and address the questions below: Nonaka, I., Von Krogh, G., & Voelpel, S. (2006). Organizational knowledge creation theory: evolutionary paths and future advances. Organization studies, 27(8), 1179-1208 Present a written analysis of the findings offe