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Strategy and Business Analysis

Strategies to Ensure Sustainable Change for Lowe's Store

- What are the possible strategies to ensure change sustenance - Describe at least two strategies you can use to ensure change is sustained - Explain why you think these strategies will work for Lowe's Home improvement store.

Quantitative Methods For business

Case Problem 2: Production Strategy 1. Let BP100 = the number of BodyPlus 100 machines produced BP200 = the number of BodyPlus 200 machines produced Max 371BP100 + 461BP200 s.t. 8BP100 + 12BP200 <= 600 Machining and Welding 5BP100 + 10BP200 <= 450 Painting and Finishing 2BP100 + 2BP200 <= 140 As

Colgate-Palmolive dilemma

1. What is the dilemma facing Colgate-Palmolive 2. What factors are important in understanding this decision? 3. What are the alternatives? Which do you recommend? 4. What are some ways to implement your recommendation? Answer each Complete question in 350 word and cite all work.

Empowerment and Opportunity Cost

1. It is frequently argued that for empowerment to work, managers must "let go of control" and learn to live with decisions that are made by their subordinates. Evaluate this argument. 2. Perform an Internet search using the term opportunity cost and locate an article (less than one year old) from the results of your search. A

Strategic Differences and Acquisition Strategies

Research the Internet to find an annual report for an organization with headquarters in the United States and a similar organization headquartered in Asia. What strategic differences can you observe? Why do you suppose these differences exist? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a merger strategy and an acquisition s

OHSA High Risk Area

OSHA provides for workplace safety standards, with record-keeping, reporting, notice, and inspection requirements. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) administer the act. Penalties are limited, but an employer may also be prosecuted under state law. Can an employer discharge an employee who refuses to work i

Customer Power: Help or Hurt a Business

The Web contains numerous examples of customer power. Customers are using YouTube, MySpace, blogs, and a number of other Web tools to slam or praise companies. You believe that the most influential person in a business is the customer. How could customers hurt or help a business? Should employees agree that customers are the mo

Mathematical Influence Models

A simplified model of the national economy can be described as follows. The national income is the sum of consumption, investment, and government spending. Consumption is related to the total income of all individuals and the taxes they pay on income. Taxes are related to income by the tax rate. Investment is also related to the

Team's Attitudes and Company Changes

How does the team's personal attitude and feelings regarding a change in a company influence the change? Describe the techniques an effective change leader would use in working with an effective team and with a dysfunctional team. What specific solutions might the change leader use in working with the dysfunctional team? Does th

China's profile for business

Summarize China's profile for business. Determine how international trade affects how easy it is for China to do business. Describe how easy it is to do business in with China. What factors make it easy to do business? What factors make it difficult to do business? Are there explicit factors that deal with marketing? Explain

Factors a Business Considers When Considering Location

What are the factors a business considers before finding the right location? What are the many reasons facility location is important to a business? Give an example of where a Walmart may be located. 250-300 words please.

Critial Thinking and Problem Solving - Airline Boarding Times

The objective is to CLEARLY DEFINE the PROBLEM. While there are many issues within the article, there is ONE CLEARLY DEFINED PROBLEM. Please help me figure it out. I'm thinking the "checked bag fees," however, eliminating them would cost the airlines $1Billion plus, so maybe not. I am considering using this article for a ter

Reinforcing English Skills & Planning/Organizing a Presentation

Please help with the following 2 examples (see attached file). (1) Reinforcing English Skills Your colleague Christina Perez has asked you to review her ideas for a presentation she will give to train new employees in using the company e-mail system. She plans to create electronic slides for her presentation. A partial lis

Addressing Variations in Customer Expectations

For this assignment you will need to read the following articles: Calvert, P. (2001) 'International Variations in Measuring Customer Expectations', Library Trends, 49 (4) pp. 732-757, [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 11 Dec

IT Strategy Topics

Write an information technology strategy statement includes the following (there is no real company that is used): A narrative that addresses how each of the following IT strategy topics will be diagnosed by the IT management team: Business aspects: Business goals and objectives that are specific to the organization Technic

Administrative Strategy and Policy: Control Mechanisms

Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach,(Hill, C.W. & Jones, G.R. (2012). In 300-400 words of notes discuss some of the (Implementing Strategy) Corporate Performance, Governance, and Business Ethic: Such as (Stakeholders and corporate performance, Governance mechanisms, Agency theory, Ethical issues in strategy). And find

Sustainable Issues and Carbon Footprints Data Calculations

I have prepared part of the assignment already which consist of providing a ppt on the below sustainable issues. The problem I am having which I emailed the instructor about is downloading the free spreadsheet to do the additional part that has been added to the original assignment which is to calculate the carbon footprint for

The premise of 'first things first' in the business world

Please address the following two questions in your response. Include references to back up the points and for the reader to refer to for further information. 1. First things first: Define what this means generally and what it means for leaders and executives. 2. Is this method important for the business success? Why? How?

Product Line Vs Product Mix

What is the difference between product line and product mix? What are the concerns that need to be considered when adding a new product to a product line? 250-300 words please.

Adjustment Strategy

1. You are the vice president of a large corporation. Your analysts provide you with a report that indicates the big change you made recently in the alignment of your sales and service departments is falling short of the expectations. What is an adjustment strategy that may bring this change back to its original objectives? Why

Supply and Demand in Health Care Provision

Is it possible to provide health care without rationing? In 1948 every household in Britain received a leaflet stating that the new National Health Service would "provide you with all medical, dental and nursing care. Everyone - rich or poor, man, woman, or child - can use it or any part of it. There are no charges, except for a

Environmental Scan: Apple Inc. Trends

Do an environmental scan by designating the environmental force and then identifying the trends for Apple Inc. Put the scan in a template similar to the one in figure 3-2. Please keep as close to one page as possible. Section: "Trend Identified by an Environmental Scan". From Chapter 3, Scanning the Marketing Environment.

Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

At work you are asked to complete a project with a one year timeline with your team. Discuss how to increase motivation, satisfaction, and performance within your group. What differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values within your collaborators will there be? How do these differences influence behavior. Ho

The Lottery Argument

Read the Reality Check below of the text titled, Winners and losers. There are two sides to the Lottery argument. Which side do you agree with and why? Winners and Losers The Illinois Lottery Commission came under fire in 2005 for a billboard marketing campa

Brief Comment on Apple article

Please help me to comment on the following article: Apple has decided to cut orders for iPhone 5 parts by nearly half in reaction to weak demand. This comes as a surprise to some as Apple has played a dominant role in the smart phone industry for years. Apple seems to have made the same mistake as BlackBerry, their predece