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Bicycle Business

You are the owner of a U.S.-based bicycle manufacturing business. You currently manufacture bicycles in Seattle. Market demand for bicycles is expected to double in the next five years. Your sales in the United States are currently 100 percent. However, you hope to expand your business within the next two years. You are currently considering opening a new facility in China, Italy, or Mexico.

Where would you propose locating a new manufacturing facility? Why? How would you make this decision? Which critical success factors are most important in your analysis? What concerns would you have about expanding the business internationally versus within the United States? Why?

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I would in all probability locate the new manufacturing facility in China, largely due to the fact that there is a tremendously large pool of potential staff members for the facility. In addition, there is a tremendously large pool of potential customers for the bikes in China due to the very large population of that country, as well as the fact ...

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The expert determines where you would propose locating a new manufacturing facility.