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Business: Strategic Initiatives for Resolving Issues

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Choose an organization you are familiar with and conduct some online research of the company's goals, mission, and vision. Now, conduct a similar search on challenges the company recently faced. You may find these challenges on the company's Web site or other Web sites. Determine what the company's strategic initiatives must be for the next year, two years, and five years. Explain how your suggested initiatives would help resolve the company's problems and meet new challenges. Briefly explanation

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The solution discusses the strategic initiatives for resolving issues.

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The mission statement of an organization outlines the set goals to facilitate the core vision of the business initiatives year after year. Thus, the chosen organization can render any business entity that strives for brand dominance and accountability to their stock holders. One in particular organization to consider in investigating is a large newspaper corporation, such as, the National Associations of America (NAA) representing many newspapers bests interest for competitively staying in business (NNA.org 2013). Either well known newspaper organization can suffice ...

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