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The Too Big to Fail methodology and why intervention is necessary

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Please analyzing any company/business (like AIG, Citi or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) that's "a too big fail" and why a government intervention is necessary!
Basically, why some companies (like banks) are labeled "too big fail, while others are not" and why a government bell-out is necessary to these companies/businesses while others are not?

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Who invented the phrase or concept, "Too Big to Fail?" Have you considered where this idea came from? Is there a self-similar ideology of "Too Small to Succeed?" Every idea that enters the marketplace comes from somewhere or someone, and the, "too big to fail concept is no different.

What would be the reason for suggesting that certain organizations are "too big to fail? It is true that increase capital decreases expenses, while decreased income increases expenses. However, why do you think they duly impose the notion that "intervention" is necessary? Who came up with the idea that governments must intervene? What is government, and who 'really' controls that operation?

AIG, Citi or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may be different companies with the SAME owners. How would we really know if they layered their businesses in disguise? Proctor and Gamble produce Colgate toothpaste, DAWN soap, and hundreds of other products that are layered within their corporate structure. Many other organizations are designed in a self-similar fashion.

Interestingly, the monetary system was designed by very few people "on top." Bankers, including global financiers, such as the International Money Fund (IMF), virtually all banks, the Fed, and other self-similar systems, are run by the same people. Have you heard that Federal Reserve, that prints money for the US and controls the "numbers" economy, is a private entity that releases only "certain" information to the public? Are you aware that the United States of America is a corporation operating in their own country called the District of Columbia, which is similar to the Vatican where the Pope resides? Did you also know that people in the USA and other self-similar countries, like Canada, are considered corporate ...

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