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Alliances with Companies

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Strategic alliances and joint ventures are often preferred strategies to enter foreign markets and to avoid classic mistakes such as the cookie example. Has your organization (choose examples from among your team members) been successful in forming alliances with companies in other countries? Why or why not? What advice would you give to your organization's leadership? In your response, be sure to define what you mean by a "successful" alliance?

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As many economies around the globe struggle to recover from financial turmoil we see more global alliances created in order to maintain a presence within their market of operation. In doing so, these organizations face many challenges in order to create an operational tempo that maintains market production. Leadership must ensure they conduct a sound analysis of the organization their starting alliance with in order to deter those challenges and barriers we'll discuss below.

On such barriers that cross global alliances face is that of language and culture barriers that create communication issues. This can often lead to the failure of systems being implemented that drives the market. Another challenge these organizations will face is the difference of knowledge base. We often see smaller organizations become alliances with larger more established organizations because the smaller organization lacks knowledge in order to become a major player within the industry. ...

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The solution discusses if an organization has been successful in forming alliances with companies.

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