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    Cross Border Alliances - Global Networking

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    Provide brief description (in your own words) of the central argument or thesis of the author or authors of the attached article.

    Describe the method and sources used by the author to come to the conclusion. Comment, as appropriate, on the appropriateness of the methods and sources. For example, are the sources authoritative? Are there any biases in the sources? Are there alternate viewpoints to the sources or the article's conclusion?

    Give an overall evaluation of the usefulness of the article. What were the strong and weak points of the article? What impact might the article have on those operating or managing a global business?

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    The central argument of this article is that cross-border alliances have now become a necessity in the business world. The author explores the need for cross border alliances, goes through different reasons for cross border alliances, lists the industries in which cross border alliances. The author describes and goes through the challenges of cross border alliances and the different forms of cross border alliances that have taken place. The author gives a recipe of how to make cross border alliances work. There are several helpful advises on cross border alliances that range on how to select the partner for cross border alliances, the designing of cross border alliances, and how to manage a cross-border alliance.

    The central theme of this article is that cross border alliances have become a business necessity and are important for competing in today's business environment. The article, lists the advantages of cross border alliances and argues why such alliances have become indispensable. He lists a number of reasons why firm enter into cross border alliances and also gives reasons why firms enter into cross border alliances. The author argues that cross border alliances gives competitive advantage to firms in several ways. However, the alliances are not without challenges. There are challenges at the selection of partner stage, there are challenges at the management of cross border alliances, and challenges at the ending of alliance stage. The author also lists the rewards of forming an alliance. The author lists the pitfalls of cross border alliances and also suggests methods of avoiding such pitfalls. The author also mentions the manner in ...

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