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Business Resilience and Recovery Program

Case Study
Rio Tinto is now facing a main issue of recommencing their business. To approach this issue, they built up their business resilience team to ensure their employees were safe and what they can provide to their main customers and suppliers. There is a coordinated framework named Business Resilience and Recovery Programme (BRRP) which require the operations to allocate appropriate resource including facilities and equipment, trained personnel to effectively control and recover from a major incident. The other strategies for commencing business would include ascertaining what information technology systems are working, as well if there is power and water running to the place of employment. Individuals should utilize whatever is working in order to conduct as much business as possible until the office is fully operational once again. Moreover, Rio should ascertain the damage that was caused by the earthquake so that he and his co-workers can find a safe route to their place of employment.
The other issues include the possible duration of time that the trains will not be running in the Tokyo area, which arise due to the power outage. This is possibly very important due to the fact that trains are a very important means of transportation for the Tokyo population. Besides that, Rio should concern about the possible lack of an adequate food supply. This was caused due to the lack of the means to transport food due to the earthquake damage to the roads, as well as the lack of the power supply to refrigerate this food and keep it from spoiling. This is important due to the fact that an inadequate food supply will mean that individuals will not have enough food to eat which can result in malnutrition, weakened immune systems, and an increase in disease in the area. The issue concerning whether or not there would be an adequate supply of fuel for the Tokyo area due to the probable damage to gas stations and the transportation system, which will not allow fuel trucks to enter the area and replenish the fuel supply. This is a very important issue due to the fact that individuals may not be able to fuel and utilize their vehicles, and the fact that many power plants utilize this fuel as a means by which to operate effectively.

What are the solutions for the issues identifies and their implications?


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In order to properly address the issue of the duration of time in which the trains would not be functioning within the Tokyo area due to the earthquake and power outage, Rio should seek to contact all of the staff members within his organization in order to ascertain which of these staff members has a safe route to get to the business office. After ascertaining the number of staff members that have a safe route by which to reach the business office, Rio should ascertain the number of these individuals that have automobiles. After obtaining this data, Rio should have all of the individuals that have automobiles in a safe route to the business office to carpool with as many individuals as possible, as a means by which to transport as much of the staff as possible to the business office. All of the staff members should be instructed to walk or bicycle etc. to the home of the individuals that have a clear access route to the business office, and to carpool with this individual. If necessary these individuals will make multiple trips from the business office back to their home to pick up additional staff members who could not fit into the automobile during the previous trip. All of those individuals within a 5 mile radius of the business office should be instructed to walk or ...

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