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Ecosystem Restoration

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Research a specific ecosystem that has been disturbed by natural or anthropogenic causes and how the problem was resolved. Answer the following:

* Describe the location of this ecosystem.
* Explain the natural or anthropogenic disturbance(s), and describe their severity.
* Explain the damage to the ecosystem, including how the abiotic and biotic characteristics of the ecosystem changed.
* Explain its recovery process and time frame (the ecosystem's resilience).
* Explain if the recovery was allowed to proceed naturally or if humans intervened.
* Do you agree or disagree with how the recovery was handled? Why or why not?.
* Cite and reference all sources

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Since no location was given, I will give situations and you can find a location that fits.

There has been a fire cause by lightning. The fire covered a woody area and a field. At first, there is little food for decomposers, which cannot utilize burned plant matter. Also, the loss of leafy plants on a burned site exposes the soil to sunlight and drying, unfavorable conditions for bacteria. Thus, bacterial populations are low. But the ...

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An environmental restoration from a disturbed ecosystem. An explanation is given of abiotic and biotic changes. A detailed explanation is given of the ecosystems resilience and human intervention.

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