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China's profile for business

Summarize China's profile for business. Determine how international trade affects how easy it is for China to do business.
Describe how easy it is to do business in with China.
What factors make it easy to do business? What factors make it difficult to do business? Are there explicit factors that deal with marketing? Explain why.

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McKay (2012) developed a business profile of China. She suggested ten (10) steps in dealing with business in the country: 1.) Do your homework, 2.) Beware of industrial dynamics, 3.) Take your time, 4.) Chinese society is collectivist, 5.) Mistrust and opportunism are endemic, 6.) Trust is interpersonal and takes time to build, 7.) Notions of "out-of-bounds" behaviour do not necessarily match, 8.) Chinese society is ...

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This is a brief description of how to do business and what factors made it easy to do business with China.