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    Macroeconomic Profile of China

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    Present the macroeconomic profile for China. This can be obtained through http://worldbank.org/data

    Identify such factors as inflation, real GDP growth, government spending, external debt, and other factors you feel may help or hinder the ease of doing business in China. Explain why.

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    Macroeconomic Profile of China:
    GDP growth rate: 7.8%, 2012 (World Bank) (2)
    Inflation Rate 2.7%, 2012 (World Bank) (3)
    China's external Debt was USD736.985 Billion (State Administration of Foreign Exchange, China)
    Government Spending was Chinese Yuan 7140.9 billion in 2012 (National Bureau of Statistics China)
    GDP per capita $6,583 (nominal, International Monetary Fund, 2014)
    Gini Coefficient 0.48
    Labor forces 795.5 million.
    China's Public Debt 22.15% of GDP (2012, Public Debt, International ...

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