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Economic Analysis

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Find an article in a business magazine or journal (paper or online) and first summarize the facts presented in the article and then relate these facts to some microeconomics or macroeconomic concept that you discovered in the reading. Identify and distinguish microeconomic analysis from macroeconomic analysis; also identify and distinguish any positive economic analysis from any normative economic argument.

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//Before writing about the microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis, firstly we have to find an article and give a summary to this article. I am giving a summary of the facts presented in the article which will assist you to complete this paper, for example: //

Facts of the article and related to:

The oil prices for the last 2 days in the US have been dropping steeply by $5.33 a barrel. A possibility of collapse in prices can be noticed. One of the major reasons for the sudden fall in prices is hurricane 2008. The rise in the gasoline prices has not made an ease to the consumer as there is no effect on crude oil prices. The destruction in demand for oil in the US will affect other parts of the world, especially China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia (Krauss, 2008)

This is related to the Microeconomic theory of demand. When there is an increase in the demand of oil, the supply will be affected. There is a relationship between ...

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