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    macroeconomic profile of Canada

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    - Present the macroeconomic profile for Canada. This can be obtained through http://worldbank.org/data

    - Provide examples that show how this environment helps or hinders the ease of doing business in Canada.

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    As per investorwords.com, GDP is the "total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year, equal to total consumer, investment and government spending, plus the value of exports, minus the value of imports. "
    Importance of GDP
    This number tells about the national income of the country and the changes related to the national income. Its importance for public is that it can use this data for personal and business decision making.
    As per World Bank data, GDP (current US$) of Canada is $1.736 trillion 2011. Its GNI per capita is healthy $45550. Its GDP growth is modest 2% per annum. As per indexmundi, "Canada achieved marginal growth in 2010-12 and plans to balance the budget by 2015. In addition, the country's petroleum sector is rapidly becoming an even larger economic driver with Alberta's oil sands significantly boosting Canada's proven oil reserves, ranking the country ...

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