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    Management: Entry Strategy

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    Please help on writing up the the elements for a entry strategy for Home Depot from a management perspective -
    Describe the company, industry, and target entry or operation (the target country I have chosen is England).

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    Home Depot is a large retail chain in the United States that offers home and building supplies for various home projects. It falls within the home DIY category, with competitors like Lowes, major hardware store chains, and other regional building supply stores open to the public. The retailer sells home improvement and building supplies, gardening and lawn supplies, and a broad range of hand and power tools. It also offers lines of major home appliances and offers consulting and installation services (for a fee) for many home renovation projects. The company began as the Handy Dan chain store and became the Home Depot in 1978, as a result of corporate restructuring. The first store was opened under the new name in Atlanta, Georgia (Reference for Business, 2013). The company operates 478 stores in 19 states across the U.S.

    The company faced many challenges in the early years. When it acquired the Bowater chain of stores in 1984, Home Depot was forced to dismiss Bowater's employees, as they failed to meet Home Depot's expectations of sales associates. Bowater did not carry the same products on its shelves, so changes were required to bring the stores in line with its stores across the country. The company had to ...

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