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    Changes in Apple Inc.

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    1. Identify what you consider to be the five most significant changes in the company's external environment that challenge its' original way of doing business. Examples of external changes may include economic, social, competitive, regulatory, technological, consumer preference, demographics, etc. Please do not describe changes in terms of new strategies that the company is undertaking. This is important because an environmental assessment is intended to be an examination of what is changing in the world outside of the company --- prior to the company deciding what strategies are appropriate in adjusting to these changes.

    Please include references
    2 . For each of the changes you identify recommend a preferred course of action for the company to take and explain the reasoning that supports your recommendation.

    3. For each recommendation indicate whether the action is still within the scope of the company's original mission and vision - either as originally stated, or as revised by your own insights.. If the recommendation alters the mission or vision explain how.

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    The first major change is related to competitive scenario. Companies such as Apple need to closely track and respond to competitor's moves and strategies in a timely manner in order to remain competitive. For example, if the competitor introduces a new product with unique features, Apple needs to respond quickly with an improved or new product to sustain its competitive advantage. The company does not need to alter its mission and mission and remain within the broader framework provided by its corporate philosophy, mission and vision in order to respond to competitor's threats. This strategy is within the scope of mission and vision as Apple would continue to innovate and come up with world class products.

    The second change is demographic changes. Apple need to understand the changes in demographic ...

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    Identifies what you consider to be the five most significant changes in Apple's external environment.