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    Differentiate Between Management and Leadership at Apple

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    Management and Leadership

    - Select an organization (Preferably: Apple Inc.) with which you are familiar. Prepare a paper in which you address the following as it relates to that organization:

    - Differentiate between management and leadership.
    - Describe the roles and responsibilities that organizational managers and leaders play in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture.
    - Evaluate the affect of globalization and management across borders.
    - Recommend at least two strategies that organizational managers and leaders can use to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. Support your recommendations with the concepts discussed in class and in the text, as well as your personal experiences.

    - Cite at least two sources in your paper. If you used an electronic source, include the URL. If you used a printed source, attach a copy of the data to your paper.

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    Management & Leadership in Apple Inc


    Apple Inc. is a renowned American multinational corporation. It was established in the year 1976 and its headquarter is situated in Cupertino, California It manufactures and markets consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers, mobile communication devices, portable digital music and video players. As well, it also markets a variety of associated software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions. The company's well-known hardware products are the Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.

    The company operates all over the world and market its product throughout its online stores, retail stores, direct sales force, third-party wholesalers, resellers and value-added resellers. The company markets its products to consumer, small & medium-sized business, education, government, enterprise and inventive customers. In present, the company is operating with 273 retail stores in which 217 stores are in the United States and 56 international stores

    The company operates as a key player in personal computer (PC) industry. It has positioned itself as the dominating company in the field of designing and manufacturing the hardware and software products. Apple Inc. is the only company, which has a command over the designing as well as development of the computers that are directed to serve the experts, students and consumer markets. The present position or success of the company is because of its effective management and leadership that will be discussed in this paper.

    In addition to this, here in this paper the roles and responsibilities that Apple's managers and leaders play in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture will be discussed along with the effect of globalization and management. In the end, some strategies will be recommended that can be used by Apple managers and leaders for creating and maintaining a healthy organization.

    Difference between Management and Leadership

    Management and leadership are quite common terms in concern to an organization and most of the people use it interchangeably but in reality it is not identical. Management and leadership are different approaches and are used for different purpose in an organization. Similar is the case with Apple Inc., the company make an effective use of management and leadership and due to this it has become able in attaining successful position in the industry and throughout the world (Plachy, 2009).

    In Apple Inc., leadership and management are two distinguishing and corresponding systems of action. Each has its own purpose and trait actions. Both the leadership and management are essential for the company and the organization of its present position (Kotter, 2001). Effective management and leadership assist the company in attaining success in the present progressively multifaceted and unstable business environment.

    With cautious selection, training and motivation number of people can play substantial leadership roles in a business organization, but at the time of enhancing their leadership skills, it ...

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