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Team's Attitudes and Company Changes

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How does the team's personal attitude and feelings regarding a change in a company influence the change? Describe the techniques an effective change leader would use in working with an effective team and with a dysfunctional team. What specific solutions might the change leader use in working with the dysfunctional team? Does the change leader have to transform the dysfunctional team into a functional team before tackling the organizational change tasks, or can he or she use the organizational change process to transform the dysfunctional team into an effective team? Please support your answer with citation from the literature.

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The team's attitudes and company changes are examined.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 690 words with references.

//In this paper, there will be a discussion about the role and importance of personal attitude of the team members in influencing and adapting organizational change. Along with this, the paper will highlight the techniques that should be adopted by the change leaders for working effectively with the dysfunctional team and whether the transformation of dysfunctional team into functional team is important for the change leader. //

Organizational changes occur for the purpose of bringing a planned change within the organization. This change can be in the formal structure, systems, and processes in order to improve the accomplishment of organizational objectives. This change leads to the formation of attitudes and beliefs among the team members (Irani, 2010). This attitude is formed regarding the effect of change on the characteristics of ones job, and how the change will be implemented by the organization.

The beliefs formed by the team members can be positive as well as negative. Some employees believe that this change would bring positive outcomes and some believe that this change will lead to negative consequences. The change leaders should take appropriate ...

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