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Collocation refers to individuals or groups working in the same locale. Most global organizations have significant portions of their employees working in many different locations, including their own homes; therefore, they are not collocated.
1) What management issues are involved when individuals and teams are not collocated?
2) What leadership issues are involved when individuals and teams are not collocated?

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When teams are disbursed or distributed, the main management issue is organization. Because team members are working in various locations, the joining of team members for conference calls, video sessions, and other activities must be strategically planned. It can also be more difficult to monitor assigned tasks, and ensure that all team members are working as expected towards fulfilling the team's objectives. The gathering of documents that are needed by all team members can also be problematic when members are distributed. The team manager ...

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This solution discusses the meaning of collocation. The managerial issues involved with individual and team collocation are provided in an extensive analysis.