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Base isolation technique

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Base isolation technique has become the method of choice for structural design of buildings and bridges located in highly seismic areas in recent years. Please provide of an overview of this approach. Also, discuss the application of rolling type bearings for equipment isolation.

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Base isolation technique in structural design
Even as we are living in an era when science and technology is at their best, we still cannot predict earthquakes accurately. Strong earthquakes could easily destroy everything built in years within minutes. To critical facilities such as data centers, Internet collocation facilities, hospitals, and air traffic control centers, the sensitivity of expensive equipment to vibration is very significant so the earthquake hazards present a pressing concern to these facilities. Until science comes up with a better earthquake prediction technology, the civil industry has to rely on better building designs against potential earthquakes. In recent years, base isolation has become an increasingly popular structural design technique for buildings and bridges in highly seismic areas. Many types of structures have been constructed using this approach, and many others are in the design phase or under construction.

There are two basic types of isolation systems. The widely-adopted system in recent years is through the use of elastomeric bearings. The elastomer is usually made of natural rubber. In elastomeric bearings approach, the structure is decoupled from the ...

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The solution provides a detailed explanation for the problem. The type bearings for equipment isolation applications are discussed.

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