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The "Got Milk" campaign, the Super Bowl, and Apple Inc.

1. What do you think about the "Got Milk" campaign? This was one of the most successful ad campaigns in history! Although this phrase is copyrighted, people and companies have used it to their benefit with other words. Have you ever known companies to be sued because they have used other companies trade marks or other copyrights? If so, who?

2. What do you think about the Super Bowl and their halftime shows and commercials the last few years? Shows like this have a true impact on people and they remember them for the rest of their lives.

3. Walmart has done very well regarding their neighborhood markets. They opened smaller scale stores in more affluent parts of cities and other areas where real estate was/is limited. They have done extremely well with their fairly new model. What other retail operations, other than Walmart and Starbucks, have done well adapting to their market? Do you think their approach will last well into the future?

4. Lets think about a company that has done remarkably well for themselves: Apple. There is a significant amount of talk about how Apple products are being outdated and are starting to be considered as "older" demographic devices. Samsung just came out with a commercial recently depicting this exact idea. Have you seen the commercial and do you believe this to be true? What can they do to change this perception?

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1. The 'Got Milk' campaign was successful. If the copyright or trademark is owned by one company and properly registered, those that wrongfully use the copyrights can be sued. It is essential to register the trademark or copyright in accordance with the law of the land. I know of a company, Proview Technology, a Chinese company that sued Apple Inc. for the use of the name iPad. Proview had owned the iPad trademark in China and it compelled Apple to pay $60 million for the use of iPad name.

2. Super Bowl halftime shows have become a part of the Super Bowl's augmented product. When a customer goes to the Super Bowl, ...

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