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prepare a report for one product commercial

THE SUPER BOWL REPORT: The Game will be broadcasted on network TV and/or ESPN. (The paper will be about 2 to 3 pages, double space, and 12-point font.)
1. You are to select and write about ONE (1) PRODUCT COMMERCIAL. The only exception will be that you cannot select or write on the anticipated "ABORTION" commercial that will be played sometime during a "commercial breaks" of the Game. The commercials you select may be about a product or service. It can be for a profit business or a non-profit business.

2. ANWSER ALL OF THE FOLLOWING Questions in your Paper:
a. Name of Commercial (Use Product Name or Other Reference-Give it a Name);
b. Describe and Name Product presented;
c. Name of Presenter (Celebrity- movie or sports, business leader, etc.);
d. Briefly describe the format type: for example, cartoon, animated, or real actors;
e. Length: Estimate 30 seconds, one minute, etc;
f. Did you select the commercial because you liked it or hated it?;
g. What did you like or hate about the commercial?;
h. What is the message? Was the message subtle? Or was the message clear to the viewer (you)? And what was the message of the commercial (for example, "shop at Wal-Mart");
i. Was the message "effective"? For example, would you after watching the commercial be more interested in buying or trying the product presented?;
j. Was the commercial aimed at a certain market segment (children, elderly, etc.) or demographic ("20 something young adults", etc.)
k. What, if anything, would you change about the commercial?
l. Based on all the commercial that you have viewed, how would you rate the two commercials (on a 1 to 10 scale)


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View the Super Bowl game in 2012 and write a report for one product commercial. Please see attached and write a report for one product commercial, and please provide references.
Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Honda CR-V
I am presenting my report on the 2012 Honda CR-V commercial, as this is the commercial which I liked the most. It was catchy, simple, and meaningful. I would rate this commercial the best amongst all the commercials I saw during Super Bowl 2012 game. Honda CR-V's commercial appeared in the third quarter of the game. It was around 60 seconds long. Honda released a teaser of 2012 CR-V in January, which was for around 30 seconds and it also released the extended version of this commercial which was for around 2 minutes 25 seconds. Honda preferred to go for 60 seconds ad as 30sec ad was short and 2:25 mins advertisement was too long.
Honda presented its new 2012 CR-V with this commercial. To celebrate the launch of the all-new 2012 CR-V, Honda brought one of the most classic movies "Bueller's Day Off "back in the big game commercial. Honda did not use animated or cartoon characters but casted real characters like Matthew Boraderick as himself. The name of the commercial was 'Matthew's day ...

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