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Marketing Segmentation: Identification and Recommendation

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A firm has developed a new roofing material that also produces electricity from sunlight. This material is very light and inexpensive. Besides roofing, it could also provide an inexpensive carport roof covering for open-air parking lots. The firm has hired you as a consultant for the successful national launch of this product. You are required to present a report to the senior management describing when and where this product should be launched.

Identify different segments of the market for launching this product.
Recommend which segments of the product should be targeted first for maximum returns to the firm and support your recommendation.

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A product of this type is good for both consumer and commercial markets. However, the obvious problem is getting people to try it. Therefore, placing it in the most viable markets, those who are currently making strides in solar energy would be the place to begin. You also want to consider the weather implications. A lightweight material might need some ...

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Identifications and recommendations for marketing segmentation are provided.

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