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Customer Power: Help or Hurt a Business

The Web contains numerous examples of customer power. Customers are using YouTube, MySpace, blogs, and a number of other Web tools to slam or praise companies. You believe that the most influential person in a business is the customer. How could customers hurt or help a business? Should employees agree that customers are the most important part of a business. Is the customer always right?

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Customers can help or hurt a business in several ways. News travels fast online - especially bad news. We have social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which allow people to communicate and "post" statuses instantly. One of the main disadvantages to companies is that a customer who has had an unfavorable experience is more likely to post the experience for others to read compared to the customer that has had a favorable experience. This has always been the norm, but in an age of advanced ...

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This solution explains if the customer is always right, or if there are exceptions to this business standard. A detailed discussion is provided. 1 reference included.