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    Writing a High School Proficiency Exam Criterion and Standard

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    I need help with direction on writing a criterion for a high school senior academic proficiency exam, then write the standard. How do standards and criteria affect sampling? Provide an example and explain. What are some barriers to effective evaluation design and sampling? What are some barriers to the validity of evaluation design and sampling?

    Best definition of criteria vs. standards was given to me by my neighbor, a high school principal. Criteria is what we want the students to know; standard is how well we want them to know it.

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    Standards affect sampling due to the fact that the population sample that is utilized must fall within the percentage of individuals that have achieved the standard that the developer has established, or seeks to establish for the senior academic proficiency exam. An example would be utilizing the average of the standards of proficiency that must be achieved on academic proficiency exams among the US states, which would be 70%. This ...