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    Standardized Testing and Language Proficiency

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    Are standardized testing/language proficiency workable methods for monotoring student progress? Why or why not?

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    I believe that it has to do with which group you are testing. If you have a disabled group or a group that has English as a second language, a teacher needs to set up his or her own criteria to establish monitoring proficiency in word based subjects such as English and History.

    The standardized test tells a parent and teacher about a level of proficiency at a certain time. In this time, the variables mentioned above, and also test anxiety can create skewed results. In this case, it is good for a teacher to develop a weekly system to check for comprehension. Most teachers will develop their own tests based on individual students, and also teach to the test. That means that the teacher, knowing what is on the test in rough terms, can create targets or goals for a student who may have trouble in a standardized test situation.

    Because of state law, most students have to take these standardized tests; either the regular test, the ...

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