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Economic Impact of Change

Can you describe the economic impact of the change of Tesla Motors since it's perception in 2003? Was the change of strategy important of the survival of Tesla? Comment about how to this change helped Tesla's future? Would Tesla's electric vehicles become popular in the near future? Should Tesla stay sole ownership (private) or go public?

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The economic impact of the change of Tesla motors since it's inception in 2003 has been multifaceted in nature. This is largely due to the fact that the change in Tulsa motors let to an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of this organization at producing, marketing, and selling its vehicles to the point that the organization achieved its first measurable profit in record time. This in and of itself is a milestone for a small organization such as this one, and making a profit caused this organization to develop an increase in its economic momentum in a manner that caused it to have an economic and financial effect on the auto industry on a worldwide scale, as well as within this nation itself. This organization also had an economic impact upon the oil industry due to the fact that fewer individuals were purchasing gasoline ...

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The solution discusses the economic impact of change.