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    Environmental Laws vs. Economic Freedom

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    What is your perspective regarding environmental restrictions and economic freedom. Explain your rationale and support your view with research. Be sure to address the topics of sustainability, change management, regulation, and competition.

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    In the following paper, the main focus will be on explaining the environmental restrictions and its impact on the economic freedom. The paper will define the role of these regulations in terms of sustainability, change management, regulation, and competition. For effectively explaining the role of environmental restrictions in economic freedom, the meaning of these terms is also explained in the following paper.

    Environmental law is a complex body, which comprises of various bodies of treaties, statues, regulations and common law that is responsible for monitoring and regulating the interaction of humanity for the purpose of reducing the impact of human actions of the environment (Parto, 2007). The term economic freedom is used for defining the state of freedom in which, people of a country have the freedom to engage themselves in economic transactions without any interference of the government. Though there is no inference of the government, but government support is extremely essential for accessing the economic freedom, which also incorporates rule of law, open markets, etc. (Micklitz, 2011).

    Environmental regulations are formulated to protect the environment from the human actions. Some of the main regulations that have been formulated for the protection of the environment include environmental management, managing waste, pollution and ...

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    The response of over 800 words focuses on explaining environmental restrictions and its direct impacts to economic freedom. The topics of sustainability, change management, regulation and competition are all heavily discussed in terms of environmental restrictions in the industry. The references used are included.