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    Economics and Environmental Laws

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    How economics plays a role in determining how many and what type of environmental laws are passed. Conduct some research on one environmental law and complete the following: Texas

    Give a description of your law. Including date the law was passed and any background information that you can find on why this law was passed (what spurred the law).
    Do you feel that this particular environmental law outweighs the costs?
    Has this environmental law improved the environment/situation?
    In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

    Instructor Comments:
    Note: Environmental laws can be national, state or perhaps local.

    After giving background on the regulation, you will want to assess its impact - whether there was an economic impact associated with the law, either positive or negative - a cost vs. benefit analysis; and its effectiveness in improving or protecting the environment. Be specific in answering these; support with data and explain.

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    Environmental law:
    Locally Enforced Vehicle Idling Restrictions (30 TAC 114, Subchapter J, Division 2; see attachment and also web reference 2)
    Area(s) affected: Statewide
    Start date: December 9, 2004
    End date: None
    Applicability period: April 1 through October 31
    Source type: On-road mobile source
    Emissions targeted: Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
    Rule/Citation: 30 TAC 114, Subchapter J, Division 2 ( PDF)( WP)( HTML )
    Description: This rule, which was first established in December 2004, places idling limits on gasoline and diesel-powered engines in motor vehicles in any locality that signs a Memorandum of Agreement with the TCEQ. This rule prohibits any person in the affected locality from permitting the primary ...

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    Several paragraphs with references examining an envrionmental law enacted in the state of Texas.