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    Over Commitment

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    In today's fast paced world, there is a tendency to 'over-commit' by taking on too much at one time. Think of a time when you agreed to take on something that you really did not have time to do well. What was the outcome? What could you have done differently to achieve a better outcome? Have you ever declined a request to work on a special project or committee due to time constraints? What was the outcome of saying 'no'?

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    There was a time when I agreed to take on more kickboxing clients than I actually had time for, and that I really did not have time to do well. The outcome of this situation was that I had to reschedule some of these clients to start at a later date, so that I could teach them in classes of seven people, when usually like to teach no more than three at a time. The postponement of the start dates for some of the clients to caused them to lose interest in the kickboxing training or go and find ...

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    The expert examines the over commitment tendency. They provide a time where they have agreed to something that they did not have time for.