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    Organizational Commitment

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    Shamika has worked for Ace Enterprises for 12 years. She has always been happy with her work and always felt like she belonged at Ace Enterprises. She doesn't want to leave. Many of her friends are her coworkers, and she plays on the company softball team.

    The management at Ace Enterprises has helped Shamika advance in her career. The organization has provided her with training opportunities and stood by her when she needed to take time off to deal with personal problems. Her work at Ace Enterprises is challenging. She has helped to create a new department. Her supervisor works with Shamika to set goals.

    Recently, Shamikaâ??s friends and family suggested that a person with her credentials would have plenty of job opportunities and that she should find a better paying, more interesting job elsewhere. However, Shamika told them she prefers to stay at Ace Enterprises. Not only does she like her job and coworkers, but she also feels that they give her a lot in return for her work.

    What are your views of Shamikaâ??s commitment to her organization? Based on Shamikaâ??s experiences at Ace Enterprises, provide examples of each of the three components of organizational commitment:

    Affective commitment
    Continuance commitment
    Normative commitment

    What are some hygiene issues which are and are not impacting Shamika?

    Apply the Equity Theory to Shamikaâ??s experience.

    Apply the Goal Setting Theory to Shamikaâ??s experience.

    What, if anything, should executives do to encourage organizational commitment in their employees? What should employers do before deciding how to best encourage organizational commitment? Use research concepts already learned in the course.

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    Organizational Commitment:

    The policies and objectives stipulated by the Ace Enterprise have been able to create an environment of motivated employees. This is brought about by the reward systems in the organization, the job specialization, job enrichment etc. An employee tends to equate the worth of an organization by comparing their inputs to the organization in terms of working hours, productivity etc with the kind of outcomes they receive from the organization. Similarly the employees tend to compare this ratio with the rest of the people working in the same conditions and departments as them. Once an employee what they get from that organization is fair to them they maintain a level of commitment to their work and they even will increase their input once they perceive that what they receive from the organization is more than expected. (Pattanayak B. 2005). The motivation of the employee due to the fairness of the outcome increases over time and these results to employees' improved loyalty to their employer.

    The work commitment among employees is enhanced through the setting up of goals that are realistic, specific and attainable over time. Once an organization clearly defines the goals and objective it wants to achieve, the employee's determination to achieve the ...

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