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Labour Management and Relations

Labor Relations: Union Bargining Scenario

Summary Our case begins as we are sitting around the bargaining table with the union and the organization. The current contract is set to expire. The proper notification has been delivered. The stage has been set. This is the actual negotiation. The four people at the table are the business agent, the organizer, the president

Union vs Management

A) I was wondering if you can help me with a "title page" for my bargaining notebook regarding union vs management. The title page should contain a concise strong opening statement of the topic. Please note that I am doing my paper as a member of the Union side, not the Management side. B) I would also need help with the I

Subject: Labor Relations/ Business- pertaining to Unions

Choose an organization and determine the level of union security. As you prepare to respond, answer these questions: * What level of union security exists? Is the organization you chose: an Open Shop, Closed Shop, Union Shop, Modified Union Shop, Agency Shop or Maintenance of Membership? * How are seniority and jo

Subject: Labor Relations (National Hockey League Lock Out)

The National Hockey League locked out its players in a year-long battle between the union and the owners. There were monetary issues as well as non-monetary issues that affected the lockout. Refer to the article, "The Hockey Lockout of 2004-2005," as well as any other sources summarizing the rule changes that were intended to ma

Materials, labor, and overhead variance report

Kudos Company has set the following standard costs per unit for the product it manufactures. Direct materials ( 10 Ibs. @ $ 3 per Ib.). . . . . . . . . . . $ 30.00 Direct labor ( 4 hrs. @ $ 6 per hr.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.00 Overhead ( 4 hrs. @ $ 2.50 per hr.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.00 Total standard cost

Labor relation: Demographic variables to identify people who may file grievances.

Several researchers have attempted to use demographic and personality variables to identify people who are likely to file grievances. Have these researchers been successful? As you critique this stream of research, ponder the following questions: Why would labor and management care about such findings and how would each use

Discussing Bargaining Structures

Choose one bargaining structure and find a real-life example of how that structure is used. Write a short essay that describes the application and analyzes the effectiveness of the bargaining structure in the situation you have identified.

Employee and Labor Relations in four work settings

Explain which definition of work best defines the relationship that exists in each of these work settings? 1. Service organization. 2. Non-profit organization. 3. Manufacturing company, without a union, owned by a family. 4. Publicly-traded corporation operating in a global environment. In your writing, select a specifi

Question about Unions in the Workplace

Can you help me with this assignment? This assignment takes a look at some of the major laws in the employer-union relationship, including the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, the National Labor Relations Act, the Labor Management Relations Act, and the Railway Labor Act. A good place to start is by looking ov

labor unions

Suppose that you are a Human Resource Manager in a nonunion manufacturing facility. Recently, you have suspected that several job applicants are really union "salts."("Salting" is when union organizers apply for jobs with nonunion firms in hopes of either getting hired and organizing a union or, if not hired, filing charges with

Labor Unions in the United States

From U.S. historical perspective examine the growth of white-collar, professional labor unions. What does the future hold for white-collar, professional unions?

Role of Labor Unions in twenty-first century

What will be the role of labor unions in the twenty-firsty century? Some argue that the traditional role of the union in protecting the worker has been usurped by significant legislation protecting the worker against discrimination, unsafe work conditions, and unfair pay. Does the modern union need to redefine its role and pu

Labor relation process

In most states, the law now allows prisoners to do some form of private sector manufacturing work (there is also the federal Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program). How well are these laws working? Do they provide a valuable service to society? Or do they take jobs away from honest workers and give them to prisoners

Unions have poorly recently in representation elections

Suppose I gave you the following kinds of data. The data come from interviews conducted with employees before and after these employees voted in union representation elections. The data are from employees who voted in 100 different representation elections. The data include: A. The demographic characteristics of the employees su

Labor relation

Case Study 1-1 Discharge for Whistleblower Activity Should the federal appeals court deny Broom and Miller's appeal and enforce the decision of the state district court finding upholding the discharge of the two whistle-blowers? Explain your reasoning. How might this case have been handled differently if Broom and Miller h

Managerial Accounting (Fixed Labor)

Far North Telecom, Ltd., of Ontario, has organized a new division to manufacture and sell specialty cellular telephones. The division's monthly costs are shown in the table below. Far North Telecom regards all of its workers as full-time employees and the company has a long-standing no layoff policy. Furthermore, production is h

Union and Management

Imagine you are a Union International representative attempting to resolve a grievance in your organization. The grievance was filed by an employee who is challenging a disciplinary action given by management. You are working with the local members and your legal counsel to decide if the grievance must go to arbitration or not.

Discharge of Postal Letter Carrier for Off-Duty Conduct

Case Study 13-2 Chapter 13: Labor Relations in the Public Sector Part 4: Applying the Labor Relations Process to Different Labor Relations Systems Analysis and Evaluation 1. Who are the stakeholders in the case and what are their stakes? What challenges, threats or opportunities are posed by these stakeholders? 2. Wha

change in American workforce

Organized labor unions have seen a decline in membership over the last 20 years because of the loss of manufacturing jobs due to off shoring and a subsequent change in the American workforce in the United States. Prepare a paper in which you describe both sides of the issue: - From a union perspective, what steps can be t

Strike fund held by not for profit organization - Steel workers' union

Do you think that a not-for-profit organization's board can release the restrictions on money in a strike fund and use it for General operations? Does it matter if the strike fund is held by a steel workers' union to pay benefits to its members during a strike, versus a fund used by a not-for-profit as a safety reserve in case

College sophomore Suzy Smart works part-time in the Handi Mart convenience store near campus. The store manager requires that each clerk arrives 15 minutes prior to the start of the shift, so that the clerk going off-duty can review the sales figures and cash status with replacements before leaving. The clerk going off-duty punches the timecard after this review, but the incoming clerk is not allowed to punch in until the review is completed and they have agreed that the sales and cash figures are accurate. Sometimes this exercise takes more than 15 minutes, and no matter how long it takes, the clerk coming on-duty may not punch the timecard and start earning wages until the process is completed. Suzy, who completed a course on labor and employment law, realizes that the store manager is violating the FLSA by not allowing the incoming clerk to punch the time clock as soon as he or she arrives. She brings this up with the store manager, who tells her that Handi Mart's parent corporation does not allow the store to compensate two clerks for the same period of time, no matter how brief, since this is classified by the corporation as a "single coverage" store. Furthermore, he adds ominously, if Suzy complains to the Wage and Hour Division of the DOL, he will probably be forced by the company to lay Suzy off, along with other part-timers, and cover the store himself for the evening shifts. He states, "You may get everyone a few dollars in back pay, but you'll also cost everybody their jobs. Remember, some of your co-workers are single parents who need this extra income to make ends meet." Should Suzy file a minimum wage complaint with the Department of Labor?

College sophomore Suzy Smart works part-time in the Handi Mart convenience store near campus. The store manager requires that each clerk arrives 15 minutes prior to the start of the shift, so that the clerk going off-duty can review the sales figures and cash status with replacements before leaving. The clerk going off-duty punc

Describe the bottom-up and top-down approaches to managing labor costs

Describe the components of bottom-up and top-down approaches to managing labor costs and decide which would be most important to use in either your current work environment or one with which you are familiar. Explain your reasoning. In your response, imagine that managers will be part of the budgeting process and may, based o