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    Labour Management and Relations

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    Bargaining Subjects

    Distinguish among mandatory, permissive, and illegal bargaining subjects. Give examples of each.

    Privatized Prisons and Unions

    Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following questions: 1. Debate It. Take a position for or against privatization of prisons. 2. As Human Resource Director for the Department of Corrections in the state of VA, you have been selected to participate on the Advisory Council. There has been increased attention

    Employer's Effect on Unions

    The case discusses the difference between an employer's support of and abolishment of a union. If an employer is supportive of unions, they will view the relationship as a partnership. The employer may offer the use of office equipment and/or meeting space for union activity. In contrast, as an attempt to abolish a union, the em

    Labor Relations: Employer's Actions

    What actions can an employer take to try to discourage their workers from organizing? Do you believe this would ultimately benefit or hurt the employer? Why?

    Public Employee Unions in a New Era

    See the attached file. 1. Refer to Chapter 8, (the attachment is the summary of Chapter 8) which points out that the New Era of public employee unions has nothing to do with who controls federal policy making in Washington, D.C. The chapter focuses on the issues that public employees face daily as a result of agency mandates

    Labor Relations

    What factors in the 1800s do you believe contributed to the growth of the American Labor Movement? Please explain your answer.

    Labor Relations Flyer

    Select an organization that is associated with labor relations and the public sector. Research that organization and prepare a one-page, single-sided flyer which provides details about the organization. Include each of the following in your flyer about the labor relations organization: - The purpose of the organization - Descr

    Different Rolls - Employee and Union Members

    The case study addresses: Active union members often have two roles to play: (1) employee and (2) union member. Please explain the difference between the two roles. Is it difficult to do both jobs effectively? The solution thoroughly explains the two roles and the difficulty that may arise in having both. Union members may

    Development of Labor Relations System

    This is just for a general discussion board debate - just a paragraph or two is needed. Which events do you feel were most important in shaping the labor relations system? Do you feel that earlier events from the nineteenth-century still have an impact today, or are the current system more of a product of the twentieth-cent

    Labor Strikes: Conflict and Emotions

    Write a short article and help people to understand a labor strike from both perspectives. How would you explain these situation using these terms: conflict and emotions?

    Collective Bargaining Case Study

    Address the following: - What was the relationship like between city management and the unions? Were there any problems with this relationship? Did this relationship differ from normal relationships between management and unions in the public sector? - What was the collective bargaining process like? What was effective in this

    Employer-at-Will Doctrine and Liability of an Employer

    As a manager and supervisor of an accounting department, discuss the following issues related to the employment-at-will doctrine and liability of an employer based on actions and responses to the employee's behavior and actions. Further description is below: As a manager and supervisor of an accounting department, discu

    Union Membership and Job Loyalty

    I'm trying to understand the relationship between a union, its members, and acting as an employee. I'm struggling to figure out how can a active union member can be an employee and union member with their loyalty shared between the company and union. 100 words.

    Direct Labor Variance Reporting

    Please describe direct labor variance by comparing budget and actual and calculating efficiency and spending variances. Provide a detailed explanation for how to calculate the spending and efficiency variances.

    Being Afflillated with Organized Labor

    If you were involved in an organized labor. 1) Describe what organized labor could do for you as a member? 2) Describe what organized labor could do for your family because of your membership to an organized labor union.

    Advantages of Being Involved with Organized Labor

    If an individual decided that they wanted to become involved with organized labor, help them answer the following questions. Explain or name some of the advantages and what you think how organized labor could benefit that person. In addition, name some of the advantages of how organized labor might benefit that person's

    Collective Bargaining Questions

    List and explain the various duties of the national union president and executive board members, and illustrate how their remuneration is not always considered "fair compensation" as compared to their CEO-counterpart in the U.S. corporations. What are activities that are carried out at a national union convention, and why do

    Unions In America

    Include the questions in your response: How relevant are unions in America today? Are unions fair to employees, employers, taxpayers?

    Companies and Unions Working Together

    Discuss specifically how some companies are working cooperatively (in partnership relationships) with their unionized employees to better meet their strategic initiative outcomes Also, discuss whether the major legislation relating to union-management relations (Wagner Act, Taft-Hartley Act, and Landrum-Griffin Act) help or hur

    Collective Bargaining in Unions

    Why are white collar workers less likely to join a union? Explain at least five reasons. Explain how Manslow's Theory of Motivation and its connection related to why workers join unions. In the 1960s and 1970s, what were some of the reasons for the growth of unionization in the public sector? Give 3 and discuss. Why wa

    Unions and Stakeholders

    How would a union affect all stakeholders due to changes in teachers' benefits package and complaints about workload? These changes can affect budgets and resource allocation.

    A Case Regarding Child Labor

    Is your chocolate the result of unfair exploitation of child labor? Hi, I'm writing an essay on this subject and in the attached pdf document, there are 3 questions which would be helpful for my essay as a foundation. However, I am having some trouble formulating answers for them. Any assistance would be helpful.