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Labor Relations: Good Arbitrators

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What Do you believe the qualities are that would make a good arbitrator? Why?

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"Arbitrators resolve disputes by reviewing evidence and arguments, and rendering decisions that may be filed in a court of law and legally enforced" (Government of Alberta, 2012, para 1). Arbitrators' decisions are legally binding and are recognized in courts of law. This type of mitigation is often used between management and staff, companies and consumers, and couples dissolving their marriages. When a party hires an arbitrator, they are looking to resolve ...

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A discussion regarding the qualities of a good arbitrator as well as rationale behind those qualities. 252 words, 1 reference.

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MCQ: Labor relations, expensive benefits, grievance, arbitrator

A commonly accepted proposition is that an organization's production is a combination of:
__a. machinery and equipment, employee labor, and managerial ability.
__b. machinery and equipment, employee labor, and foreign competition.
__c. employee labor, managerial ability, and plant location.
__d. managerial ability, plant location, and availability of financing.

The four most expensive types of benefits in negotiated agreements are income maintenance, pay for time not worked:
__a. medical care, and tuition reimbursement plans.
__b. tuition reimbursement plans, and premium pay.
__c. medical care, and Employee Assistance Plans.
__d. medical care, and premium pay.

A labor agreement would most likely require that a grievance form be completed:
__a. within an hour of the occurrence.
__b. within a week of the occurrence.
__c. within two weeks of the occurrence.
__d. at the discretion of the employee.

Which of the following would an arbitrator most likely consider lacking "just cause" for disciplining an employee?
__a. An employee who broke safety regulations as written in the handbook.
__b. An employee who was docked a half-day's pay for two hours tardiness, as were other employees.
__c. An employee who was terminated after three other employees reported witnessing his/her theft of company property.
__d. An employee who was immediately terminated by a supervisor who heard he/she had mistreated two customers.

One of the potential downsides of having global companies that create products from worldwide component suppliers is that:
__a. companies often charge more their products now.
__b. companies are often unable trace the products it sells, or parts, back to the original manufacturer.
__c. economies of scale create cheaper products.
__d. profit margins are down due to comparative advantage.

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