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    Labour Management and Relations

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    four safeguards that the ERISA legislation specified

    What are four safeguards that the ERISA legislation specified to address the many obstacles employees faced with pension plan funding? How did the Pension Protection Act add additional requirements to the protection of these plans?

    Weighted Deferred Wage Increase Averages

    Why have weighted deferred wage increase averages continued to fall since the 1990's? What is your opinion on the fact that unions had little in the way of bargaining successes in this new era of hard times for labor?

    Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plans

    Analyze the benefits of Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plans, and list potential scenarios when they become quite vulnerable. Address service requirements, duration, benefit formulas, and plan funding in your answer.

    Obstacles to cooperation between labor and management

    What are some key obstacles that stand in the way of true cooperation by labor and management?" Please list the obstacles you consider to be most significant. Do you believe these obstacles can be overcome? If so, how?

    Arbitrator Job Facets

    What are the various facets of the job of an arbitrator? Provide examples of ethical considerations, past practice, fairness, and other traits and responsibilities.

    Differences Between the FMCS and the AAA

    What are the differences between the FMCS and the AAA in their methods of selection of arbitrators? What are the advantages of why some employers and unions contract the use of a permanent arbitrator? Would you use this process? Why or why not?

    Duties of National Officers

    List and explain: The various duties of the national union president and executive board members. Illustrate how their remuneration is not always considered "fair compensation" as compared to their CEO-counterpart in the U.S. corporations.

    Constitution of a national union

    What is the importance of the constitution of a national union? How does it dictate the internal government and procedures of the union?

    Disciplinary Procedures in the Union's Bylaws

    What are the disciplinary procedures at the local union level that would most commonly be followed when a member has a breach of the standards of conduct in the union's bylaws? Where are the 6 of these types of breaches?

    Early and final stages of the contract

    How is the process of attempting to create a pattern of agreement achieved from the demands first presented in the early stages of negotiations to the final stages of the contract? Discuss trading points and counter proposals in your answer.

    Impact of Strike Negotiations

    How does the threat of a strike (or actual strike) affect the negotiating process and its tendency to bring about conditions necessary for agreement by union and management? I need enough information to write a minimum of a 200 word essay. Please provide any resources/references you use.

    Unfair Labor Practices and the Wagner Act of 1935

    Please discuss the following questions in preparation for an essay on the subject. What are the unfair labor practices? How did the Wagner Act of 1935 lead to mandatory subjects of bargaining today?

    AFL Organization Principles

    Please provide information in preparation for an essay on the following: Samuel Gompers, the first president of the AFL, had basic principles that laid the foundation for this organization. What are the principles? Describe three of them. Do you agree or disagree with these principles?

    Optimism for Union Success

    Discuss the reasons why there is optimism for continued union success. Need a minimum of 200 words to work with and the use of Wikipedia is not acceptable.

    Family Medical Leave Act, FMLA, Guidelines

    Maria worked for Big Business, Inc. and qualified for FMLA leave. Her husband, George, suffered from serious medical conditions, and Maria looked after him, transporting him to medical appointments, cooking for him, giving him his medications, helping him move about, and providing psychological support for him. Big Business had

    Union Diversification: The Auto Industry

    Does union diversification make unions stronger or weaker? How would you feel as an auto worker to see the UAW representing employees outside the auto industry?

    Mergers: HR Legal and Ethical Issues

    HR ethics are important to organizations as they can have legal and moral implications. In this assignment, you will develop a plan to resolve some of the ethical and legal issues involved in a merger. Consider the following scenario: As part of the employment contracts, employees have certain rights. For example, employe

    Human Resource Management

    1. Are the roles of labor and management inadvertently adversarial? 3. Why is it so difficult to be effective at both distributive and integrative bargaining in the course of the same negotiations? 5. Compare and contrast mediation, interest arbitration, and grievance arbitration.

    Negotiations for Union Workers and Employers in Arbitration

    I would like us to discuss a current events case that encompasses much of what you have learned and discussed over the course of the semester. Situation: Currently the U. S. West Coast ports are backed up with cargo ships that are just sitting in the harbor unable to dock and unload. Much of the cargo is seasonal in nature a

    The Need for Employee Firing

    (1) What are some of the potential implications of refusing to fire an employee in terms of indirect and direct costs? (2) If supervisors believe employee discipline emanates from a reprimand process, describe three mistakes supervisors may make in jeopardizing their employees' morale.