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Labour Management and Relations

describe these influences as increasing or decreasing, and indicate the direction of the resulting movement along or shift in the relevant labor demand and/or supply curve(s). Will wage rates rise or fall?

Demand and supply conditions in the market for unskilled labor are an important concern to business and government decision makers. Consider the case of a federally-mandated minimum wage set above the equilibrium or market clearing wage level. Some of the following factors have the potential to influence the demand or quantity d

Brass Creations direct labor cost; DMA Standard absorption cost

1. Brass Creations Co. makes decorative candle pedestals. An industrial engineer consultant developed ideal time standards for one unit of the Cambridge model pedestal. The standards follow, along with the cost accountantâ??s determination of current labor pay rates: Worktype 1 0.20 hour @ $18.40 per hour Workty

Direct Labor Efficiency Variance and Direct Labor Rate Variance

Explorer Inc, manufactures lanterns for camping. the company's direct labor rates have been set by the terms of the current labor contract. Direct labor rate standards have been assigned for each job classification. In May 20xx, a young apprentice was being trained during regular working hours to become a machine operator on on

Labor Relations process

# Apart from labor, management and the government, what are some of the other groups or subgroups that may be considered â??stakeholdersâ? and/or â??playersâ? in the Labor Relations process? # Give a justification for each of the additional groups or subgroups that you name.

Flexible Budget, Direct Materials and Direct Manufacturing Labor Variances

Tuscany Statuary manufactures bust statues of famous historical figures. All statues are the same size. Each unit requires the same amount of resources. The following information is from the static budget for 2009: Expected production and sales 5,000 units Direct materials 50,000 pounds Direct manufacturing labor

Discuss: US union membership has declined in the public and private sector

Can you comment on below? Union membership has declined in the public sector and private sector by over 1% each from 2010 to 2011. The number of employees in the union has declined by approximately 800,000 people since 2009. This is a result of many different issues and situations that the U.S. faces. "One of the biggest

Employment and labor law problem

Please help answer the following questions. What constitutes harassment? What is the role of the administrator? What are the penalties? What constitutes retaliation? What types of questions cannot be asked in an interview? Please cite your sources.

(ILR) Industrial labor relation

# Find a link on the Internet to a video performance or sound recording of a song that deals with a union organizing or a labor dispute. # Briefly explain what the song is about, including its historical significance, and the subject matter of its lyrics. (Hint: songwriters who composed or covered these sorts of songs in the

Labor Cost Controls - Small Businesses

What strategies that small businesses can use to keep the labor costs under control? Identify at least three feasible strategies and support them with appropriate rationale.

HR professional role: Safe and healthy work environment, union organizing

1. What are the HR professional's strategic and operational roles in creating and sustaining a safe and healthy work environment? 2. What are the HR professional's responsibilities in the union organizing a collective bargaining process? Which of these are classified as operational roles and which are classified as strategic

IS Project Management Processes

Need assistance with the following questions. IS Project Management processes takes many time-consuming steps. Would it be better to simply program the new system and be done with it? As a CIO, what steps could be taken to convince A CEO to adopt an Executive Information System? If your company's Customer Relations

Equal Employment Opportunity

Your employee, Tom Smith, believes women are treated as inferiors in the department where he works. He has complained to his supervisor, Doug Greer, who is also your employee, and to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Greer has responded by reducing Smith's salary and opportunities for overtime. Does Smith have a cas

Derry-O Company: Calculate material and labor variances

The Derry-O Company has the following standard cost for their product: Direct materials 3 yards at $12.50 per yard $37.50 per unit Direct labor 2 hours at $9 per hour $18.00 per unit During the prior year, the company produced 4,900 units and 15,000 yards of material we

National labor and employment laws

Please help with the following problem. Suppose you had been asked to testify before the Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations ("the Dunlop Commission") which was given the task of recommending appropriate changes in our national labor and employment laws. In light of the issues what would you have recommen

Evaluate the components of a bottom-up approach to managing labor costs.

Evaluate the components of a bottom-up approach to managing labor costs. Describe how a top-down approach to managing labor costs interrelates to a compensation system. Specifies which approach would have more effective and equitable compensation consequences in a retail work environment. Provides a rationale f

Baxter Company: Work in process: solve for missing amounts

Baxter Company developed the following data for the current year: Beginning work in process inventory $150,000 Direct materials used 90,000 Actual overhead 180,000 Overhead applied 135,000 Cost of goods manufactured 165,000 Total manufacturing costs 450,000 Baxter Company's direct labor

This article is about the high turnover rate of Lima employees. The organization is actively restructuring their internal framework in order to reduce costs and gain more productivity. Initially the organization had three-eight hour shifts, the company decided to integrate two 12 hour shifts instead because the organization determined that it was a cost effective option with increased performance potential. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the hourly workers versus the line workers, they considered the organization facilitated an uneven playing field for the reason that a very small amount of employees were college graduates, the graduates would have access to promotions and high-salary paying jobs despite the tenure of employees that has been with the organization for several years. The high turnover was a direct reflection of the percentage of employees that possess a college degree in which case current employees have the minimum qualifications but not enough to meet the overwhelming production demands. The organization feels that a formal training method would enable employees to become more knowledgeable of company policies and procedures especially in terms of labor relations. A formal training approach may reduce turnaround and enable the company to retain and retrain their employees. Consequently, employees were dissatisfied with the current employment structure and felt undervalued and overworked as a result. Lima's performance objectives declined significantly, for the reason that only 45% of the new hires were able to pass the entrance exam and/or skills aptitude tests. If more employees and/management were equipped with a college degree, the organization would be in a much better competitive position.

Summary of the case This article is about the high turnover rate of Lima employees. The organization is actively restructuring their internal framework in order to reduce costs and gain more productivity. Initially the organization had three-eight hour shifts, the company decided to integrate two 12 hour shifts instead beca

Program Managment-Weighted scoring model

Use a weighted scoring model to choose between three locations (A,B,C) for setting up a factory. The relative weights for each criterion are shown in the following table. A score of 1 represents unfavorable, 2 satisfactory, and 3 unfavorable. Category Weight A B C

Standard cost direct material and direct labor variances

Arrow Industries employs a standard cost system in which direct materials inventory is carried at standard cost. Arrow has established the following standards for the direct costs of one unit of product: Quantity Price Cost Direct materials 8 pounds $1.80 per pound $14.40 Direct labor 0.25 hour $8.00 per hour 2.00_ $16.40 Du