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Equity in Reparations

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Dear OTA,

I know that over the past few years the United States government has tried to redress some of the errors of the past by providing reparations to the descendants of Asian Americans and Native Americans.

I feel that President Barack Obama has a unique opportunity to reshape the debate over one of the most contentious issues of America's racial legacy: the idea that the descendants of American slaves should receive compensation for their ancestor's unpaid labor and bondage.

I'm having difficulty arguing in favor of this even though I'm of latin descent and therefore do not consider myself discriminatory.

I know there are differing viewpoints on this issue, but If the government has given reparations to other groups, how can they justify denying reparations to descendants of slaves?

I am having a bit of trouble fathoming the long term ramifications of this endeavor!

Clarification anyone?

Hope someone can enlighten me or at least add insight/opinion...

Thank you,

an "aspiring anthropologist"

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In essence, the United States government has deemed it appropriate to give reparations to the descendants of other groups that were wronged by US government policies and actions, so it is only fair and just that those individuals who are the descendants of those that were the most severely wronged, for the most extended length of time (1650-1865), are ...

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