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Political and economic effects of World War I

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1. What problems for European stability were created or left unresolved by the armistice ending World War I?
2. What did Stalin's victory over Trotsky mean for economic development in the Soviet Union?
3. How has World War I affected European society politically and economically?
4. Why did the economist J.M. Keynes oppose the extraction of war reparations from Germany?

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World War I was great catastrophe that gripped the world between August 1914 and November 1918 and whose repercussions continue to reverberate in our time. It was the first "total war" which mobilized entire nations to wage unrestrained war, devoting all their wealth, industries, institutions, and the lives of their citizens to win victory at any cost. Its cosequences, much like its legacy, have affected European society ever since. Examples can be found in the authority of governments to marshal resources for the battle to the ...

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A 300 word summary of how the political and economic repercussions of World War I continue to reverberate throughout European society through the present day.

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