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    Unions and Labor relations for teachers: unions still relevant US

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    Write a paper on Unions and Labor Relations. I would like to include some information on the current debate on teachers unions.

    Define unions and labor relations and their effect on organizations.

    Examine the effect of changes in employee relations strategies, policies, and practices on organizational performance.

    Answer the following question: Are unions still relevant in the United States?

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    Unions and Labor Relations:

    Labor unions are groups that are formed by the employees coming together and presenting issues that concern them as one to the management of the organization. Labor relations are the dealings between the management of the organization and their employees. The activities involved in these dealings include presenting the problems employees face in company, negotiating the terms and conditions of the contracts, collecting labor dues etc. (Define Unions, 2011).

    The effects of the labor unions and relations in the organizations are diverse. They include the effects of employee's wages in an organization. Here, the unions have ensured that there is an increase of wages to the members of the group. In addition to this, the unions have ensured that the working hours of the employees have been reduced and also the benefits they get from an organizational system are extended. The unions have also ensured that favorable and equitable working conditions have been maintained. This has been achieved through ensuring that all the employees are treated fairly and that they receive the same rewards employees with similar qualifications (Compensation and, 2005).

    Similarly, the labor unions and relations have impacted the general performance of employees in the organizations where there productivity level is ...

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    Whether unions are still relevant in the United States are examined. The unions and labor relations for teachers are examined.