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Labour Management and Relations

Decline in Union Density According to John W. Budd

Book: Labor Relations: Striking A Balance", 4th Edition, John W. Budd 1) According to Budd, identify and substantiate two major reasons for the decline in union density. (There are many reasons. Choose only 2.) 2) For each reason, prescribe methods Organized Labor (unions) might use to combat the problem. Show how each

Phases of labor and union development in U.S.

Please help with the following problem. Explain the major phases of labor/union development in the U.S. Please also characterize each phase with examples. Include at least 400 words in the solution.

Interplay Between 'Employee Relations' and 'Labor Relations'

Please explore the interplay between 'employee relations' and 'labor relations'. What do you see as the similarities, and differences? To what degree is employee relations relevant in a unionized environment? To what degree is labor relations relevant in a non-unionized environment? What do you see as the primary HR challenges i

Variance Analysis - Material, labor and overhead variance analysis

Small Tykes World Company mass-produces chairs for children. The chairs can be purchased in a variety of colors, but only one basic design. The chairs are wildly popular, especially with young, highly educated parents. The design is the key to the company's success, and there seems to be no end to the demand for Small Tykes's pr

Summary of services Department of Labor provides.

You are a High school Counselor and you have just been asked to prepare a presentation outlining 5 services that the Department of Labor offers to employers and employees for your staff. Visit the Department of Labor Web site in your state. Discuss and analyze at least five services that the Department of Labor provides to emplo

OP Income & Labor Rate Variance

3. The following product line information is for the Clara's Clothing Shop Company. The company is considering dropping its Children's product line due to poor operating income performance. Fixed expenses are allocated to each product line based on sales revenue. Active Wear Clothing Men's Women's Children's Sales

Is Union a necessity if management takes care of employees?

"If management treats employees well, pays them a fair wage, communicates with them, and ensures that they have a safe and healthy work environment, there is no need for a union." Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Explain your position.

Labor laws that interfere with successful business operations

Identify and give examples using at least 6 different employment and labor laws that interfere with the ability of an employer to operate its business successfully. Additionally, discuss laws that encourage employers to adopt sound practices which comply with legal requirements and promotes the employer's interest. Please explai

OSHA, NIOSH & OSHRC - Relationship Amongst Agencies

The posting: Describe the relationship between OSHA, NIOSH and the Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission as specified in the Act. This solution thoroughly explains the function of each agency, along with its relationship to the others. OSHA and NIOSH are the oversights for organizations in regards to employee safety.

Direct Labor

The second component of cost of goods sold is direct labor. Labor is the largest line item in any budget. The labor line must be controlled. Please discuss how a manager improves and controls the direct labor hours in this responsibility center? How does motivation play a role in this control function?

Human Resource Concerns for the Success of an MNC

What are the specific human resources concerns (competencies, labor economics, legal & regulatory systems, labor relations & unionization, and cultural norms) for Europe and the potential impact of these concerns to an MNC's success.

Labor Unions: Purpose and Decline in Recent Years

The solution questions: Why are labor unions formed? What is their purpose? Why has membership seen a decline in recent years? Certain industries, such as public safety, government (postal carriers) and engineers, are often represented by unions. The membership elects a Board that engages the organization's management

Multiple Choice: Arbitration Fees and Union Elections

The following two questions are answered by providing a synopsis of each topic, along with a reference: Based on the most currently reported data by the American Arbitration Association ( ) and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service ( , you should factor all but one of the following into your b

Union Complaints

The company operates about 700 convenience stores. A sales assistant at one of the company's stores was murdered while on duty. The murder was widely publicized, and employees complained of inadequate security measures. As a result of the murder, 15 sales assistants telephoned the union requesting a union organization effort. Th

Leadership: Public Administrators

1. Examine the leader characteristics of successful public administrators. -Explain how labor relations affect a public administrator. -Explain the role of financial management throughout the policymaking process. -Examine the most complex responsibility of a public administrator. -Prepare an essay on how you will use the d

Grievance and arbitration processes

How effective are the grievance and arbitration processes? Refer to the issues discussed in case study "Must a Union Process a Grievance of a Nonunion Employee?' and the video found in the links below. Refer to the questions found at the end of the case study to help you think about your answer to the question above. http:

Labor Relations: Paid Vacation

Why do employees today place such a high priority on paid time off? Do you feel that companies are fair in their offerings for vacation/personal/sick time? Why or why not?

Public Sector Labor Statute

Can you give some directions on an example of a public sector labor statute order of a state, explain its unique features, and anything you find interesting in this law. Also explain how it differs from the National labor relations act and the FLRA (federal labor relation authority)

Bargaining Subjects

Distinguish among mandatory, permissive, and illegal bargaining subjects. Give examples of each.

Privatized Prisons and Unions

Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following questions: 1. Debate It. Take a position for or against privatization of prisons. 2. As Human Resource Director for the Department of Corrections in the state of VA, you have been selected to participate on the Advisory Council. There has been increased attention

Employer's Effect on Unions

The case discusses the difference between an employer's support of and abolishment of a union. If an employer is supportive of unions, they will view the relationship as a partnership. The employer may offer the use of office equipment and/or meeting space for union activity. In contrast, as an attempt to abolish a union, the em

Labor Relations: Employer's Actions

What actions can an employer take to try to discourage their workers from organizing? Do you believe this would ultimately benefit or hurt the employer? Why?

Public Employee Unions in a New Era

See the attached file. 1. Refer to Chapter 8, (the attachment is the summary of Chapter 8) which points out that the New Era of public employee unions has nothing to do with who controls federal policy making in Washington, D.C. The chapter focuses on the issues that public employees face daily as a result of agency mandates

Labor Relations

What factors in the 1800s do you believe contributed to the growth of the American Labor Movement? Please explain your answer.

Labor Relations Flyer

Select an organization that is associated with labor relations and the public sector. Research that organization and prepare a one-page, single-sided flyer which provides details about the organization. Include each of the following in your flyer about the labor relations organization: - The purpose of the organization - Descr

Different Rolls - Employee and Union Members

The case study addresses: Active union members often have two roles to play: (1) employee and (2) union member. Please explain the difference between the two roles. Is it difficult to do both jobs effectively? The solution thoroughly explains the two roles and the difficulty that may arise in having both. Union members may

Development of Labor Relations System

This is just for a general discussion board debate - just a paragraph or two is needed. Which events do you feel were most important in shaping the labor relations system? Do you feel that earlier events from the nineteenth-century still have an impact today, or are the current system more of a product of the twentieth-cent