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Legal concerns regarding job descriptions

I'm having trouble with this end of the chapter question on the job descriptions relating to industrial/technical workplaces. Please summarize the 3 questions below using 1 paragraph for each questions (6 sentences minimum for paragraph) using detailed sentences for each and complete sentences and your own words. Please keep your opinion out of the responses (only focus on the law).

1. List the legal and managerial-sound dos and don'ts concerning job descriptions
2. What are the pros and cons of more detailed vs more general job descriptions.
3. Analyze the following job description and respond if it: a. is it legal, easily defendable, b. clarity, is it easy to understand; c. utility, does it stick to essential job duties, does it focus on outcomes rather than method

Service Manager Job
An industry leader is looking for a North American Services Manager. This position will be located in Houston, Texas and will report to the Global Services Manager.

The North American Service Manager will supervise all service operations with the United States, driving "Best Practices," safety, quality improvement throughout 15 service centers throughout the US.

Relocation will be offered, along with an excellent compensation package with a base salary ranging from $120k to $130k plus bonus, company car!
Responsibilities for the Service Manager
• Drive 'Best Practices' and standardization throughout all of the US service centers
• Provides oversight for the P&L, budget and capital spending
• Develop, manage or participate in strategic projects and impact quality transformation efforts to sustain and grow the integrated services business
• Manages and is responsible for health, safety and environmental initiatives for the region, ensures that safety is a top priority for all employees and customers
• Actively develops and maintains the talent pipeline for management roles across the division
Requirements for the Service Manager
• Bachelor's degree in Business, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or similar field is required
• 8 plus years of experience in a service work environment, preferably in a service environment
• 5 years of management experience preferably in a large region
• P&L experience is desired with a strong understanding of budget development and management
• Strong organizational and analytical skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and maintain attention to detail
• Paid relocation
• Excellent salary commensurate with experience ($120k to $130k), plus bonus and company car
• Comprehensive array of benefits, retirement and paid vacation

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1 -- There are a few main points we need to consider involving job descriptions. From a legal standpoint, the job description cannot be discriminatory in any way. It also cannot make any promises that are not guaranteed. For example, we can't say that the candidate who is hired will be awarded $5,000 as a sign-on bonus if we do not intend to actually provide that bonus and are using the statement just as a way to attract qualified applicants. We cannot make false promises within the job description itself. From a managerial standpoint, we should always ensure that proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are used. We should also ensure that our job descriptions are professionally written. Accuracy is also a key managerial point. This means that the manager (or HR employee) ...

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This solution discusses the three questions presented regarding the job description listed. The legal and managerial aspects of the job description are discussed, and the content, clarity, functionality, and outcomes of the job description are also discussed. This solution also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of detailed vs. less detailed job descriptions.