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What Size Union Is Best?

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Globalization has increased competition in the markets for factors of production (including employees) as well as in the product markets. Businesses can source employees from a larger pool inside and outside the country, but employees too have many more options than before. As a result, the workforce of an organization may be far more diverse and geographically spread out than before.

Consider today's globally competitive work environment and respond to the following:

- Assess whether larger, more powerful unions (such as the AFL-CIO and SEIU) favorably represent their members or whether smaller, more targeted unions would better meet the needs of their members.
- Along with that thought, would unions for specific professions better represent their members' interests or unions for organizations? Could there be a software programmers' union or a Google employees' union, and which would perform better?

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I think that smaller, more targeted unions would better meet the needs of their members, largely due to the fact that the smaller unions would probably contain union leadership that is more educated and knowledgeable about the specific types of concerns that individuals within their unions may have. In addition, smaller, more targeted unions, would be able to more fully analyze the issues that are brought to them by their union ...

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