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Labor Unions: Benfits for Employees, Struggles for Organizations, and Overcoming It All

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What are two (2) reasons why employees join labor unions? Examine two (2) reasons why organizations prefer that unions do not represent their employees. Suggest two (2) benefits that unions can provide for an employer. Justify your response.

What are two (2) legal responsibilities that employers have when dealing with labor unions? Suggest two (2) ways in which management and unions might work together to craft mutually beneficial contracts. Provide a rationale for your response.

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Part 1:
Employees join labor unions for the collective bargaining of hours, wages and working conditions; along with representation if any personnel related issues arise. In a work environment where a high volume of employees perform very similar jobs (Machinists, Police Officers, Firefighters, IT Technicians, etc.), it may be favorable for employees to join labor unions to ensure fairness of employment practices. For example, two Machinists performing the same job, with the same amount of longevity, would likely take comfort in knowing they have the same wages and benefits. Two main reasons organizations prefer unions do not represent employees is a lack of control over hours, wages and working conditions; and also the potential for productivity losses if work strikes occur. In the past couple of years, Walmart has been ...

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This solution addresses two parts: why employees join labor unions/why organizations try to avoid workers unionizing; and the employer responsibilities when dealing with unions, along with how both parties can work together for mutually beneficial contract terms. The solution is over 500 words, providing examples for each argument.

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