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Case Study - GMFC Attitude Survey

1-2 pages of info and references if needed. Looking for some help to complete the project

GMFC Attitude Survey Satisfaction Percentile
Central City Total
Pay 53 50
Promotions 36 50
Work itself 62 50
Supervisors 27 50
Co-workers 86 50
Turnover Percentile
Rate per 100 18 50

GFMC is a member of the Heritage Group, a consortium of employers with personnel research departments that participate in employment studies and share information. All members agreed this year to administer the same attitude surveys to their employees and relate the measures to variables such as turnover and productivity. To gain union cooperation in Central City, GMFC agreed to share the results of the survey and the broader study with Local 384. In return, Local 384 urged members to complete the surveys they received.

When comparative information became available, the results shown in the table were sent to Central City.

If you were a union or management representative, what would you make of the results? What impact might this have on the potential for negotiations in the next round of contract talks?

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Step 1
If I were a union or management representative, the results of the survey give important information about employee satisfaction. The lowest satisfaction percentile is with supervisors. The percentile is 27.50. This indicates that a large percent of employees are not satisfied with their current supervisors. Supervision that causes dissatisfaction can lead to poor productivity and high employee turnover. Another result that I would consider is promotions. The percentile of promotions is 36.50. This means that a large proportion of employees are not satisfied with promotions. From the equity theory if employees ...

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