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Creating an Attitude Survey

Select an issue that you are interested in.

Based on your issue, C=create an attitude survey.

Explain the steps you took in creating your survey.

Include the following:
- Explain the purpose of the survey.
- Discuss the preliminary design issues you experienced in creating your survey.
- Describe the specific instructions for administering, scoring, and interpreting your survey.

Attach a copy of the final survey.

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Let us consider the growing problem of road rage in our society. Currently, many communities are grappling with how to handle drivers who are getting increasingly angry, to the point of violent, on the roadways. There have been numerous ideas and possible punishments proposed in various localities, but naturally any issue like this would always benefit from the majority of society agreeing that the issue should be dealt with. As such, it is helpful to create an attitude survey to determine what the people think about road rage, how big of an issue it is, and what should be done to deal with it moving forward.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the prevailing attitudes of individuals within a given community towards road rage. Specifically, it is designed to determine if a perceived problem exists in the community, and whether or not enough is being doing to combat the problem of road rage. Preliminary issues encountered in the creation of the survey amounted to developing five statements that specifically dealt with the issue of road rage, yet did not introduce any bias into the issue themselves. ...

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