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HRM/Employee Communications

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Scenario: Your company, Fruit Corners, Inc., has recently become aware that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union is attempting to convince employees in your plant to sign authorization cards. Management is somewhat surprised by the campaign because employee relations have generally been good.

Prepare a 1-page letter to be sent to all plant employees stating the company's position on the union drive and the company's desire to remain nonunion.

Note: Be certain that the content of your letter does not violate the provisions of the National Labor Relations Act.

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The letter to the employees should state as follows:

To: Plant Employees, Fruit Corners, Inc.
From: Owner, ____
Re: Unionization of Fruit Corners, Inc.
Date: November 1, 2011

Dear Employees:

It has come to my attention that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union has been in contact with several employees about unionization and signing authorization cards.

It is my understanding that employee relations have been good with Fruit Corners, Inc. and we would like this relationship to continue. If there are ever any ...

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