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Human Resources Policies

What is the relationship between employee training and employee development? Are both necessary within an organization? Which is more important to an organization's development and why?

What is the best way to deliver policies, procedures, and training to employees working abroad? How do human resource management (HRM) policies differ for multinational companies compared with single-nation companies? How do training and development programs differ for multinational organizations compared with single-nation companies? Explain your answer.

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Employee training refers to an organized formal seminar or workshop with a specific schedule. It is usually held in groups with facilitators conducting training to give employees knowledge about topics such as computer skills, communications, customer service, diversity, sales, etc.

Employee development is an inclusive way to teach employees actual job situations. Among the ways employee developments are being conducted are as follows:

- A manager coaches an employee regularly.
- A newly hired employee is paired up with a more experienced employee so that the new employee learns about the job in actual office situation.
- Job rotation so that employees learn about their colleagues' tasks, gain experience which can also be a basis for promotion.

Both employee training and development have the same purpose which is to teach employees and give them knowledge and further experiences of the job. Both are related because they have the same goal which is to improve employee performance. However, training is more formal and usually done one time and for newly hired employees while development is on-going.

Both are necessary in organizations because both activities may be different but the end result is for the achievement of better employee performance. Both employee training and development can achieve different results depending on the goals of the company for an employee. If the organization wants an employee to learn about a computer based application for his or her task, a direct training is more appropriate than an employee development activity. However, if the company wants an employee to better understand how other departments work, a job rotation will be better than training.

Organizations improve its overall performance by developing their ...

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